Aluminum Castings for the Manufacturing, Foundry & Tooling Industries

no-bake-moldingSpecialized Castings offers no-bake molding services for castings that require high metallurgical integrity.

We utilize this process to produce castings ranging from 2 lbs to 4000 lbs with mold sizes up to 8′ x 12′.

Plaster Molding ServicesPlaster mold and rubber plaster mold (RPM) services for castings that require thin wall construction, near die cast finishes and high metallurgical integrity.

These processes are a quick and relatively inexpensive way to produce aluminum and zinc castings. With typical cast roughness of Ra 16 and wall thickness of 0.080″ to 0.120″, we are capable of casting as thin as 0.030″ wall thickness.

Thermoform Tooling ServicesSpecialized Castings is a leading provider of high-quality cast-to-size aluminum tooling for a variety of forming processes that include:
– Single and twin sheet vacuum forming
– Thermoforming
– Blow molding
– Pressure forming
– Rotational molding
– Compression molding

Foundry Tooling ServicesSpecialized Castings can create your match plate, cope & drag or core box tooling from a master or from supplied 3D data; if 3D data is supplied, we can also have the tooling cut from aluminum or steel billet.

Most tooling can be configured with 1 pattern or with multiples depending on the pattern and the tooling size.

Prototype & Short Run CastingSpecialized Castings is a leading provider of quality custom prototype & short-run castings. Prototype castings can be produced fast to meet project deadlines sometimes in as few as 7 days with typical lead times of 1 to 2 weeks. We use a combination of the following different prototype methods that best suit your project:
– Rubber Plaster Molds (RPM)
– Greensand method
– No-bake or Air-Set
– SLA (Stereo Lithography)

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